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About us
The Romanian Health Psychology Society (RHPS) was founded in 1999 as a professional association affiliated to the European Health Psychology Society (EHPS). Its founders were a group of professors and students from the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, BabeĊŸ-Bolyai University, Cluj, who aimed to develop health psychology as a theoretic and applied science in the Romanian context.

Nowadays, RHPS includes members from the whole country and conducts activities such as research, publication, health promotion and education, counselling and training in the field of health.

The activity of the RHPS members is facilitated by a good collaboration with other professional categories such as: doctors, nurses, teachers, public health experts, school counsellors, medical sociologists and social workers.

RHPS aims to contribute to the promotion and maintenance of population health, prevention of disease and development of health services and health policy by conducting research on the psychosocial factors influencing health and illness, as well as through implementing evidence-based programs and educational campaigns.

In order to achieve these objectives, RHPS collaborates with other national and international institutions with similar goals.

Health and access to information, education and good quality health services represent fundamental rights of each person, family and community.


  • to conduct research in the field of public health and clinical health psychology
  • to collaborate with other governamental and non-guvernamental institutions in order to help develop public health policy and health education programes
  • to develop health education and promotion programes
  • to disseminate relevant information for health promotion and disease prevention
  • to offer counselling on health psychology topics
  • to offer trainings and workshops that encourage professional development in the field of health psychology
  • to collaborate with other similar national and international associations