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RHPS develops and implements programs for health promotion and disease prevention in schools, institutions and communities. Also, it organizes seminars, conferences and trainings on topics related to health psychology. In this context, RHPS offers competency certificates in the field of health psychology.

Among other RHPS activities there are: editing books and articles, producing educational materials for the population and offering advice and psychological councelling. Togheter with other national and international institutions, RHPS conducts research projects in the field of health psychology.

The programs developed by RHPS (research, education, training, counselling) target the following:

  1. personal development and positive health

  2. preventing risk behaviour (i.e. substance abuse)

  3. promoting healthy nutrition and physical exercise

  4. sexual education and reproductive health

  5. stress management

  6. preventing violence in schools and domestic violence

  7. prevention of emotional problems

  8. prevention of chronic diseases (cancer, cardiovascular diseases)

  9. Training of medical personnel concerning aspects related to the psycho emotional dimensions of health, illness and the patient